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First impressions are made or break it when selling a home. You will either draw the potential buyers in, or turn them away completely. The curb appeal of your home for sale is now more important than ever in the world of coronavirus. Buyers may not be able to tour your home due to covid-19 restrictions, which is placing a higher importance on the exterior.

If you are planning on selling your home during this time and want to make sure you still have the best opportunity, check out these tips to up your curb appeal.

Check Your Lawn

Your lawn is going to be the first thing that people notice whether they are looking at photos online or doing a drive by. A nicely manicured, green lawn fosters a greater appeal to those looking. It is one of the cheapest ways to keep up your curb appeal. Simply keep the grass cut and watered.

Driveway and Walkway

You may think that concrete can only look so good and forget about it. However, this is where potential buyers are going to be walking and one of the first places they will check out. It may be a turn off if your driveway or front walk has cracks or weeds growing through. Thankfully, this can be solved easily. Spend a day removing the weeds and power washing down the driveway. You can also finish the driveway with a sealer to give it an extra touch.

Don’t Forget About Nighttime

When preparing to show your home, you will probably only think about what it looks like in day time, but you are missing out on a huge part. If prospective buyers are in the area they may drive by from time to time to check out the house, and most of that time could be at night. You will want to make sure the charm you worked so hard for during the day carries over into the night. Add a nice warm glow with exterior lighting.

Replace Outdoor Accents

Now is the time to replace that door mat you have had for months. Sprucing up your outdoor accents is probably the most fun when it comes to upgrading your curb appeal. Get a new mailbox, add some potted plants or change out the dingy house numbers you have on the porch. While these elements are not deal breakers, they will go a long way.

When planning to sell your home this year, make sure you consider how to upgrade your curb appeal. Everything is changing and the process may be different, but you can still get that house sold quickly! Reach out to us for more ways on how we can help.