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The most important part of selling your property is marketing it; you need to gather a lot of potential buyers interested in your property to find the best-suited candidate. Marketing nowadays requires multifaceted techniques. For selling a house three of the most important strategies are getting online, knowing your competition, and keeping yourself available. If you’re ready to sell, talk to your agent about these three things:

Get Yourself Online

Online marketing is crucial. Not only does it increase exposure, it helps you market your property to people out of your local area. This is very important, because it means you’re now marketing your property to people interested in moving into the area, not just people interested in moving within the area.

Just imagine getting in touch with a large number of people and from various locations, dramatically increasing your chances of  bringing in promising leads. Especially in today’s market  where young couples and families often move for better job and school opportunities, it’s important to do more than just rely on the leads coming out of your location.

Your agent should be active on social media and market your property there too. Although it’s less likely to generate leads than online listing sites, social media postings are a great way to generate buzz around your property and your agent. An agent with a strong social media presence will have a wide circle of influence, the better to bring in those farther-flung leads.

Track the Competition

No matter the market conditions, it’s important to keep track of how other similar properties are priced and marketed. This gives you a sense of the range of prices and offers at which other buyers will be looking. If you’re selling in a buyer’s market (a market where there are more houses for sale than interested buyers) this tactic becomes even more important, because you need to present a more attractive offer than other sellers.

A talented agent will be able to give you current and historical market information, which will give you a better sense of how to position your property and of what features have attracted buyers in the past.


All-the-Time Availability

You never know when a buyer is going to reach out and make a serious offer, which means that selling a property requires near-constant accessibility. This is one of the biggest advantages that working with an agent can give you; they will be the point of contact for all potential buyers. It becomes their job to reply to all the emails, phone calls, and texts about the property, giving you greater peace of mind.