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There’s something invigorating about fall and the change of seasons; it makes sense that homeowners want to bring that freshness indoors after a long, hot summer. But that doesn’t mean you have to cover your dinning room table with pine cones! Here are seven more tasteful, inventive ways to bring the feeling of fall indoors.

  1. Pile on the Pillows. It’s hard to have too many pillows and blankets as the weather starts too cool. Put pillows on beds, chairs, and couches and store extra blankets somewhere visible, like over the back of the sofa or in a basket. The extra fuzzies add a sense of warmth and coziness perfect for the cooler season, and they’re a great way to incorporate fall colors.
  2. Brighten Your Rooms. Fall means earlier evenings and darker mornings, so bring on the extra lamps! Dust off the light bulbs and the insides of the shades to make sure you’re getting the most out of each lamp. Change out a lampshade to give a room new feeling and new color.
  3. Swap Around Your Art. We tend to think of art as a permanent feature of our home, but swapping out favorite pieces with the seasons has multiple benefits. Not only does it make the art feel fresh whenever you rehang it, changing the art in a room is also a great way to change the seasonal vibe. Consider switching out art with cooler colors for pieces with warmer, autumnal tones.
  4. Spruce Up Your Mantel. If you have a hearth, fall is the time to spruce it up. In addition to the regular cleaning, add something autumnal to the mantel, like fall foliage in glass vases or a couple of small gourds. If you don’t have a mantel, consider a table centerpiece or  some extra decorations on a shelf. Candles are also a great way to reproduce the fireplace-feel.
  5. Clean Up Your Mudroom. The storms are coming; it’s time to prepare your entryway or mudroom, and add some interesting, practical accessories while you’re at it. Consider an extra wooden coat rack or a beautiful boot tray to keep wet shoes off the floor.
  6. Add Some Velvet. Designers around the country agree that velvet is this year’s big fall trend. It’s cozy, comfortable, elegant, and comes in a number of rich and beautiful colors. Consider velvet pillows, a velvet throw, or even some mounted velvet art pieces for your walls.
  7. Take Out the Table Linens. If you’ve been dining without them all summer, it’s time to pull out the tablecloths. A quality piece of table linen warms and decorates your room. For an extra flare, an a table runner in a contrasting color.