Buying a new house while selling your current one is never an easy task. There are so many balls in the air and you have to make sure none of the drop. One of the biggest hassles is finding the time to pack up your things for the move. Should you hire someone or save the money and do it yourself? You need to consider all options. Prep ahead of time to save yourself some stress later on.

Professional movers can be costly. If you decide to take that route, you should get two or three estimates from different moving companies. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured. If you are thinking of doing it yourself, consider the following costs – rental truck, boxes, tape, packing paper, moving blankets, dolly, hand truck, moving straps, etc.

While you are in the process of moving, you are going to realize that you have a whole lot of junk. Do you need to bring outdated magazines or old clothes that you know you will never wear again? Nope. Get rid of things that you don’t need beforehand so that you will have less to move. Donate items or have a garage sale. Anything to make the load lighter.

Pack one room at a time and label all the boxes. This will make it much easier to unpack. Wrap all your items up carefully and make sure fragile items are in cushioned boxes. Mark all the boxes according to the room they will be going into. Limit box weight to around 50 pounds to be sure. Label the most important boxes with “Essentials.” If you plan out what needs to be unpacked first, you will know what needs to be in that essential box.

Make sure you start gathering packing supplies way before the move so you do not have to get it all last minute. You will need items such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, plastic wrap, blankets, scissors, and markers. It is hard not to get caught up in the move. Once complete, you will want to share your new address with the important people in your life. Start with the Postal Service. You will need to fill out a change of address request to have your mail sent to your new home. Inform utilities and service providers about the move so that you do not get cut off! Also be sure to update your bank, credit card companies, and other important financial companies.