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Kitchen Trends over the Years

Kitchen trends come and go in as far as kitchen design is concerned.  The avocado and harvest gold-colored kitchen appliances were hot items in the 1960s, and black appliance kitchens were the rage in the 1900s.  Hiding devices using faux finishes on dishwashers and refrigerators were the fashion in 1975.  Kitchen islands were introduced around this same time but didn’t take hold for a decade.

Popular Kitchen Trends Now

The kitchen island or islands are getting a lot of attention now.  As the open space concept in homes and kitchens became larger, kitchen islands made sense in various ways.  The kitchen always seems to be the family gathering area.  You get to interact with family and friends from behind an island while cooking without them being underfoot in the kitchen.  In an open concept kitchen, you can prepare a meal while keeping an eye on your children in the living room, rather than studying, watching videos, or playing a game.  If you currently have a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, you can easily convert it to a more open design by installing an island.

Adding an island to a kitchen is primarily determined by space.  If you have the space adding one or even two islands will add more functionality and storage space to your kitchen.  Consider having one island with a farmhouse sink in it and another just for seating.

As far as countertops are concerned, stone with lots of veining is in vogue now.  Marble is an obvious choice but requires more care than granite.  In terms of functionality and style, granite may be a better alternative and add more resale value to your home.  Black stone countertops are also increasing in popularity.