Estate Planning

We’ve all heard “ Team work makes the dream work”  and  in bringing a home purchase or sale to fruition and beyond, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a variety of professionals that you might be interested in learning  more about.  This month, please allow us to introduce you to  Emmanuel Okharedia lll, Esq. Founder and Managing Partner of Erakon Law PC, a business and estate planning firm.

Emmanuel excels in guiding his clients through the often-confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to create plans that ensure the well-being of their families and the accomplishment of cherished family goals.  

Here’s a link to one of his blogs- we hope you’ll find it helpful. If you don’t have an estate plan in place, you may want to contact him! Don’t miss the offer at the end of his blog! http://erakonlaw.com/how-to-benefit-from-an-estate-plan-when-you-own-real-estate/